“We live in an era of exponential change, therefore being able to adapt and react to my teams’ needs is of great importance to me"

An interview with this year's Wellbeing Team of the Year winner; Neucruit

Neucruits business is at the core of encouraging and supporting the wellbeing of its customers - and to ensure that this rang true through every part of the business, Neucruit knew it was important to also have a team that supported each other and encouraged their own wellbeing. Their wellbeing culture focuses on listening to their team members. With regular creative sessions, they ensure that all voices in their team are heard and listened to and that as a team they are implementing what is important to all its members. 

Neucruit offers its staff regular breaks to avoid burnout, provides personalised coaching to support growth, and is committed to valuing diversity in the thought processes that arise from unique cultures, ethnicities and communities - a contributing factor to their win at this year's Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. 

We recently caught up with Livia Ng, founder and CEO of Neucruit, to discuss her achievements so far, plans for the future, and why workplace wellbeing is important at Necruit. 

Discussing why Neucruit is different to other businesses when it comes to their team support and wellbeing advocacy, Livia said, “For me, a good workplace wellbeing strategy is accepting of neurodiversity - which is that we all think differently and have different approaches to working. It's about providing direction and guidance while being flexible and open to change.” 

“Workplace wellbeing is important because people have a choice of where they want to work - we're not in the 1950s anymore - people want to work for a purpose they believe in with people that care about them,” she continued. 

Thankfully, the topic of mental health and wellbeing is becoming less taboo, and people are becoming far more open about the subject, whether personally or in the workplace. Workplace wellbeing is now something that is becoming a crucial part of any workplace, so like the need for tech, the need for wellbeing services will become just as essential.  

Due to this, we were keen to find out a bit more about Neucruit's journey with workplace wellbeing, and what their plans are for the future. 

We live in an era of exponential change, therefore being able to adapt and react to my teams’ needs is of great importance to me. I truly believe if I can provide a happy and safe work environment with a collective culture the results we need as a business will follow.” 

“For me and the team, we decided to have management seen as more of a ‘go-to” person for advice, guidance or mentoring as opposed to the old fashioned ‘do as I say’. This seems to be working and helps the team in relation to their career pathway, as a sounding board and creates a safe space which is crucial.”   

Neucruit currently has lots of fun activities and initiatives in place to keep staff connected, including their Friday afternoon ‘Connect’, where a member of the team can present whatever they want for the team to get involved in, whether it's yoga, a quiz or a song. They also have a number of new initiatives to be rolled out over the next year, to ensure they maintain a positive, motivated team. “We aim to do everything in our power to make sure each team member has all the resources they need at their disposal. If we stop at where we are now, we may fall backwards and not go forwards to where we want to be.” 

Lastly, we wanted to know what winning this award means to the Neucruit, and why they think they were chosen as this year's Wellbeing Team of the Year.  

“We hope to use this award as a platform to champion diversity in clinical research and the power of diversity in teams. The company ethos has, and always will be, intertwined with diversity, inclusion and equality.” 

“The great thing is we have a world-class team that is representative of the world with diversity in age, gender, cultural backgrounds and disciplines. We tackle pressure together - our team members work with purpose in an environment that allows them the autonomy and freedom to reach their goals,” she added. 


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